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“Everything in life is vibration.” - Albert Einstein

Accelerated mindbody training for health, wealth & inner peace in one easily digestible experience.

Take action with self-care strategies synthesizing yoga & cutting-edge science.


“Brain cells use particular frequencies, or waves, to regulate the flow of information in much the same way that radio stations broadcast at specific frequencies. Modulation of the alpha rhythm enhances numerous mental abilities, including rapid memory recall.” - Harvard

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You are here to build the foundation for life that supports your continuous evolution.

You are ready to be emotionally centered, creatively productive, physically fit and well rested.

You remember that you're a real person with real needs, goals, challenges, desires and dreams. It's a long road to travel, so it helps to have a good map and some friends.

Quantum wellness provides that roadmap for navigating your inner environment with a self-care system you can practice at home.


We offer you tools and training to experience a profound energetic shift in your life:

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Enhanced insight & intuition

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Improved health & well-being

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Deeper focus & relaxation

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nichola Tesla


In this Quantum Wellness (QWell) Course, you receive hands-on techniques to expand your ability to see new options and act with confidence. How?

Quantum wellness enables neuroplasticity.

QWell allows you to rewire your nervous system so you interact with your environment in a different way - so you get reminders to make choices that fulfill your goals by making achievable changes to your lifestyle. At the most basic level, QWell applies intuition to scientific self-care. Knowledge is power, and it’s flowing through you.


Integrated Quantum Wellness Skillset

  • Dynamic Breathwork

  • Botanical Nutrition

  • Mindful Movement

  • Restorative Recovery

  • Sound Vibration

  • Magnetic Resonance

  • Relation Process

  • Productivity Flow

  • Creative Visualization

  • Energy Meditation

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Bottom line: Gain skills that enhance your quality of life.

Enjoy your time, demystify the health world, and create wealth for yourself through personal well-being.

Millions of people have experienced the life-changing benefits of these practices.

In fact, over the past five years, we have compiled thousands of hours and hundreds of books, research articles, and reports on how this practice can people live better lives.

This is the first time that all of these skills are synchronized into one simple, dynamic and streamlined process that anyone can understand and practice. It’s our job to explain, and it’s your job to learn.

From our research, we see three common problems people interested in Quantum Wellness face:



What information can I trust?



How do I safely apply these skills?



What is the best way to practice?


We help you overcome these problems so that you can…

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Improving physical & mental health

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Energy boost to do what matters

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Synthesizing valuable ideas


Heart-centered experiences


First we cover the basics including mindful nutrition, meditation, fitness, emotions, detox, work, and sleep, then go deep into how to go beyond the techniques and practice flow with:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Innovative Science

  • One-Page Infographics

  • Plant-Based Superfood Recipes

  • Video Lectures

  • Energy Exercises

  • Guided Visualization & Meditation

You can leverage this opportunity to completely transform your life. That’s why we’re offering you the QWell Course and Community: to help you live in 100% of your joy and potential.

Two key factors that play into your ability to seize the day:



Using these practices in a way that meets your goals:

Understanding how to apply the tool of QWell in your life to help you work towards your personal development.


Getting regular support from members of a community:

In our members community, you receive nurturing and motivational support for metamorphosis with QWell.


Get Your Full Quantum Wellness Course Now

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Basic - $29

  • Comprehensive Online Curriculum

  • Course Workbook

  • Activity Log & Results Framework

  • Innovative Evidence-Based Tools

  • Lifetime Access to Course Content

  • Support Our Mission & Research

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Prime - $129

  • Comprehensive Online Curriculum

  • Course Workbook

  • Activity Log & Results Framework

  • Innovative Evidence-Based Tools

  • Lifetime Access to Course Content

  • Support Our Mission & Research

  • Contest Challenges with Rewards

  • Community Support Group with Q&A

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Accelerate progress in your personal and professional life with basic to advanced techniques and tools.



place people practice self-care is at home

(Yoga Journal)



weeks of yoga improves brain health




of people use natural methods for wellness


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Energy + Flow + Harmony + Memory + Creation + Focus + Restoration

This program uses a unique alchemical process designed to give you the greatest benefit and understanding of how to apply this information into your life to help you reach your biggest goals. By taking this information to heart and living it, you can experience many benefits:

  • Increased hormonal & mitochondrial DNA function

  • Increased strength, flexibility & endurance

  • Restorative sleep & vivid dreams

  • Increased spiritual, emotional & physical awareness

  • Increased strength, flexibility & endurance

  • Weight control through mindful eating

  • Healthy digestion, detox & metabolism

  • Balanced immune & nervous system

  • Calm emotional state protects the heart

  • Improved self-compassion & well-being

  • Flexible practice for anytime, anywhere

  • Glowing complexion & satisfaction with body image

  • Social opportunity to explore human connection & consciousness

  • Greater intuitive perception & synchronicity

  • Improved confidence in public speaking with proper breathing, voice control & posture

  • Lower blood pressure, cholesterol & blood sugar through stress-relief

  • Enhanced mood, concentration & memory with energy flow to the brain

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Section 1
Background of Quantum Wellness: History & Science

  • How the practice developed around the world & why self-care is a “recent” phenomenon (yoga, chi, shaman, plant med – awakening)

  • The two primary reasons why people find value in quantum wellness and which camp you belong to (heal or perform)

  • The science behind of quantum wellness explained by neuroscientists and psychologists

  • The intersection of quantum wellness and mental health

  • Why Qwell helps with stress-relief

  • How Qwell accelerate the process of becoming an expert in your field

Section 2
How to Practice Qwell

  • The basics of starting your quantum wellness practice

  • The art of being kind to yourself

  • Information about protecting your body and energy

  • How to prepare for a consistent, reliable quantum wellness program

  • The Qwell physical skillset: breathwork, nutrition, movement, rest, meditation

  • The Qwell energetic skillset: sound, relationship, magnetism, flow, visualization

  • Information on major concerns and risk factors drawing from the latest available research and anecdotal reports

  • Step-by-step overview of a typical day of Qwell

  • How to cultivate a deep intention for your Qwell protocol that allows you to explore your purpose

  • Overview of yoga applied to Qwell; a comprehensive, time-tested system for self-care

Section 3
Qwell and Real Life

  • How to create an ideal quantum wellness protocol for your own needs and objectives

  • Our ‘pro tips’ that we’ve gathered through collecting personal quantum wellness experiences

  • Minimizing suffering, including the root causes of work-related stress, physical discomfort, sleep issues and more

  • How to manage time with your Qwell practice

  • How to practice Qwell for emotional development, creativity and leadership

  • Guideline for using traditional practices with respect and integrate them into your 21st century life

  • Principles for combining Qwell with other training methods for maximum benefit

  • How to set up the right set of practices for your personal context

  • Walkthrough of buying health products (especially online) to ensure your safety and well-being

  • The long-term effects of Qwell, why it comes with risks and remembering to use common sense

  • Being smart about how you share your experiences and the benefits

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Personalized Quantum Wellness Workbook and Tracking Framework

Our custom-made workbook enables you to make effective measurable observations, develop your personal vision, and fine tune your personal systematic process.


The amount of information we are on the brink of discovering in the next 3-5 years can fundamentally change the way we offer this course, and the way we live our lives.

Consider this course preliminary preparation for something greater, something we are all playing an active role as Course and Community members.

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As part of your investment, you get access to our members community, where you can ask questions to all the people in our collective, many like you who have experienced similar situations and you can ask for help with specific problems and find out what’s working for others.

We’ve curated our private group where you can ask questions about everything related to quantum wellness and network with community members in your local area.

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There are three sections in this online course, each containing lessons and demonstrations with Founder Peter Fettis that you can watch and read anytime that works for you, and you can also enjoy all the materials on your phone.

You can spend as much or as little time as you want on integrating these skills into your life. You have lifetime access to this course, so you can complete the course at your own pace.

You also receive your Quantum Wellness Workbook and Tracking Framework, and lifetime access to our Members Community.


We use industry-standard encryption to protect your credit card details throughout the checkout process. Your information is never shared with anyone, and we won’t be able to see your credit card details. If you don’t like paying by credit card online, you can also pay with your PayPal account. If this option doesn’t work either, please contact us directly.

Adding valuable energy to each day of your life is worth every penny. You pay a one-time cost for a lifetime of benefits. This course is available to everyone - if the cost of this program is outside of your ability to pay, please contact your course instructor Peter Fettis directly and we can work out a solution. Ask your employer about supporting this program for your workplace.

Revenue Disclosure: This course funds our mission to further research and development of wellness-related practices and educational programs.


Quantum Wellness can be a low-risk way to immerse yourself the world of consciousness. You will learn to integrate vital tools while making your everyday activities more enjoyable.

Our course gives you all the basic education about quantum wellness so you can make informed decisions. All technical ideas are explained in simple terms while avoiding extra fluff, which allows people of all skill levels to participate in this program.

Note: If you have a health condition, please get help from a doctor (ask about functional medicine) or other qualified medical professional before making changes to your health regime.


This course can work to enhance and expand your current practice. Many of our course members are not new to forms of wellness such as yoga, nutrition and meditation; they take the course to better understand how to apply, measure and receive the benefits of quantum wellness.

By implementing best practices, even experienced members actualize personal achievements. And having a community to give technical and emotional support makes a big difference.

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Peter practices optimizing human potential as a way of life. As a Registered Yoga Teacher and and Certified Personal Trainer, he has classical training in Raja Yoga from The Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation and Physiology from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and he received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, where his research focused on health and energy systems.

Peter engages the public on topics including the benefits of positive stress such as exercise, fasting, sauna, cold exposure and various forms of yoga; the role of emotional intelligence in personal well-being; the effects of plant-based nutrition in managing mental health; the practical psychological applications of the chakra system; and the importance of mindfulness meditation, active relaxation and optimal sleep.

Please reach out and contact me directly with any questions you may have about this program.

Peter Fettis, Founder & Course Instructor

Peter Fettis, Founder & Course Instructor

Peter’s vision is to make waves in our current culture by rallying the wider public to recognize our inner power using a proactive, gentle approach.

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